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From the late 1800's musicians, composers, bandleaders and vocalists performed with or as "Big-Bands", Ensembles, Quartets, Sextets, Trios, Duo's and the one-person shows! Jazz was enjoyed at famous venues like the French Quarter; Basin Street; the Green Mill (Chicago);  Bakers' Keyboard Lounge (Detroit); the Cotton Club (Harlem); the Savoy Ballroom on Lenox Avenue (Harlem); the Newport Jazz Festival (Rhode Island); Riverboat  Shows and more!

JOCADA Celebrates a few legends:  "Jelly Roll" Morton, ‚ÄčCount Basie, Art Blakely, Ronnie Cole, Max Roach, Pops Foster, Cab Calloway, Fats Waller,  Oscar Peterson, Tony Bennett, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey,  Ron Carter,  John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Quincy Jones, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Pharoah Sanders, Fletcher Henderson; Dexter Gordon; Art Blakely; George Duke. Al Jarreau; Carmen McRae, Nina Simone, Leona Horne, Bessie Smith,  Etta James, Betty Carter, Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald. . plus! 

Did you know . . .the most loyal music followers love & support Jazz !

The JOCADA Board & Volunteers take the position to "stimulate the intellect" introducing genres which highlight Jazz history, its phrasing and exceptional melodic conceptions from Ragtime to Swing; from Bebop to Straight-a-Head;  from Cuban to Gospel Jazz; from Jazz Funk and Brazilian Jazz to "Scatting" to a George Duke and Al Jarreau Smooth Jazz tune!   Jazz unites people of all ages, backgrounds & cultures together. 

From the 90's JOCADA's cooperative arrangements achieved lasting relationships across the US in a good number of states with proven Jazz organizations coast to coast (noted below):

The Atlanta African-American Philharmonic Symphony & Jazz Orchestra

The Johnny Trudell Big-Band

The Virginia Military Institute

The Fort McPherson Army Ground Forces Band  

The trajectory of the JOCADA Museum of Jazz & AAH, its projects, programs, events and gallery displays erupt with energy to expand ACE - the "After-School Arts Mentoring Program", to encourage and mentor youth who desire to build on their skill in arts education. From universities to places of worship; and from community to community, the Board Members of JOCADA are dedicated to carrying out the organizations Mission. JOCADA thanks all collaborating organizations, vocalists, musicians, producers  through-out the United States some of which include: 

James H. Patterson (CAU - Atlanta Campus)

The Sony Music Corporation

Jazz Photojournalist Jim Alexander

Cedar Grove High Jazz Band

German Glass Sculptor Hans Godo Frabel

Fort McPherson Army Ground Forces "Big-Band"

The Atlanta African-American Philharmonic Symphony & Jazz Orchestra

Montreux Jazz Festival

The Detroit Jazz Fest

The Black Arts Festival

Drew Universities Legacy  Jazz Festival 

The Leimert  Park Jazz Festival

Wimbish & Associates

Total Wine Store

The Olive Garden - plus

In 2015, an invitation was extended to the Board of Directors to move the JOCADA Museum to a building located in Historic Downtown Bowling Green.  However, the intended property was never realized due to restricted space affecting safe access of wheel-chair bound populations into the building. Meanwhile, community support  expands to include:

Caroline County High School ROTC

Caroline Sunday School Reunion

Spotsylvania Sunday School Union

James Monroe High School  Students & Faculty

The Virginia Military Institute

The John J Wright Museum

Painting With A Twist

The Fredericksburg Jazz Collective (FJC) 

St. Georges  "Jazzers"  Fredericksburg

Orleans Bistro & Grill 

JOCADA received a number of  African Artifacts in the southeast region. As such, the Board established a dba (the JOCADA Museum of Jazz & African-American History).  Its permanent collection of exhibits are not just representative of America, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ghana, Nigeria, Native American Cultures and Caribbean as well.  In 2018, Jocada debuted a military Jazz and Black History visual arts at the first Black History Event ever held in the Lake Land 'Or community. The unveiling of deeper revelation of the visual arts featured the migration of Africans during the Slave-Trade;  "Sketches" of Freedom Fighters by Jasmine Wright;  very compelling African Dance by Alex HarvellPaintings by Clare; and "The Art of Slavery", Installation Art designed & built by students & Faculty of James Monroe High School. Its artistic interpretation speaks to "shocking imagery" of odious darker events known as the "The Door of No Return" .


Mission: JOCADA (Jewel of Celebrated Artistry DA, Inc) is a Virginia non-profit corporation receiving its designation as a "tax-exempt" organization by the IRS in 2000. JOCADA was created to provide Education Awareness, to Foster, Promote and Preserve the Rich Heritage of "Jazz-Arts" history with strong focus on Big-Band" with its African-American cultural influences; and to provide programs for youth & all members of the community to engage in a diverse, fun, music-arts historic experience. Thank you for your cultural investment in Jazzan American endangered artform.


Education  .  History   .  Legacy

Come! Experience places and times historically known as the

"Jazz Age" 

SUMMARY: In 1975 volunteers of the Jazz Preservation Group comprised of three young ladies - Diana, Justine and Callye. Each agreed to preserve the rich history of Jazz, America's endangered artform. They worked various cities in the US where Jazz was prominent throughout the 70's. The 80's, birthed the "electronic age" reducing work for Jazz musicians on stage, in film and recordings. There was also the "dance craze" at which time electronics often replaced the sound of pure "live" Jazz performances resulting in a significant loss of income, medical insurance, and in some cases a home for Jazz musicians! A good number of Jazz artists went on to further their careers and mentor young talented artists!  In 1991, the JPG ladies took on different regions in the US with strong focus to stay on mission and keep Jazz arts in the forefront. Diana became Executive Director, of the Leimert Jazz Festival in LA; Justine (Historian) researched and obtained eighty-plus years of 33's and 45 Jazz recordings in Detroit; and Callye organized JOCADA, a non-profit Jazz-Arts organization achieving victories below:

1999 - Organized JOCADA (Jewel of Celebrated Artistry DA, Inc.) as a nonprofit Organization

2000 - Received its designation as a Tax Exempt 501( c)(3) Virginia organization from the IRS

2002 - Secured a museum home in the Historic District of Downtown Douglasville, GA.

2003 -  Spearheaded the Grand Opening Gala of the JOCADA Museum of Jazz History
2004 -  Launched  the ACE program - an After-School-Arts-Mentoring"  Youth Program
2005 -  Produced the Tribute To Legendary Jazz Awards Program, Concert & Events

2007 -  Recruited stable Sponsorships & Donations to build museum displays 

2014 - Launched a Community Focus Group for Virginians

          * Tribute   A ward Recipients  * 

 *  German Glass Sculptor -  Hans Godo Frabel 

 * Atlanta-African American Philharmonic Symphony & Jazz Orchestra

  * 20 Youth completing the ACE Program - in the community Gallery




Photos by Associated Press. Duplication/Copying not permitted. Charges may apply (c) 2020

Cab Calloway

Jazz Bandleader: Mr.  Cab Calloway, was born Cabell Calloway III, in Rochester New York in 1907 -  raised in Baltimore MD. He was married to Nuffie. He studied law at Crane College in Chicago. Calloway was offered a contract to play basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters in 1928. Instead, he became one of the great bandleaders known for his performances at the Cotton Club in Harlem, and for his Vaudevillian life-style. He was a Jazz musician, singer, author, choreographer and songwriter!  In 1931, the Calloway Band took over for Duke Ellington at the Cotton Club and within that first year recorded "Minnie the Moocher" in 1931, along with numerous hits such as "Kicking The Gang Around"; "Reefer Man"; "The Scat Song"; "Mama I Want To Make Rhythm"; "A Chicken Ain't Nothing But A Bird"; and the "Hi-De-Ho-Man", between 1931 and 1947. Cab appeared in movies and was considered as one to break down barriers for people of color by taking his all black band on the road integrating music halls, theaters, and night clubs long before the civil rights movement. His career declined when the band broke up in 1948 - but had a "come-back" moment in 1952 with George Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess".   Cab Calloway is remembered for hiring an unknown musician Dizzy Gillespie; he promoted the careers of Ms. Pearl Bailey and Ms. Lena Horne; and made household names of musicians such as Trumpeter "Doc" Cheatham, Saxophonist Chu Berry, Ben Webster, Illinois Jacquet, and Bassist Milt Hinton.  Cab Calloway appears in the Dan Aykroyd-John Belushi Film - "The Blues Brothers", and he has inspired generations of musicians, singers, actors and audiences for over sixty (60) years. Cab died at the age of 86 in Delaware after suffering a massive Stroke. His legacy lives on forever!  (Credits:  Mr. Steve Dollar/Associated Press)   

Black History/Culture


A colorful interpretation of American, African-American,  German, Italian, Native American and West-Indian Visual & Performing Art  influencesSEASONAL 

Tribute to Legendary Jazz Awards

Scheduled for  SEPTEMBER 2022 

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